I’ve recently encountered serious problems with many (but not all) PDFs downloaded from JSTOR. In Preview, they show only the first page or start on the 12th page. They will not import into DevonThink. They DO work correctly in Adobe Reader.

I wrote JSTOR about this, and they wrote back saying that yes, there is a problem, they’ve heard it from many Mac users, it came up after they re-did their PDFs, and the only solution is to open in Adobe Reader.

That doesn’t help me import these into Devon. So now I have to have two filing systems–one in my finder for JSTOR PDFs that won’t import, and another in Devon. Not ideal.

Has anyone found a workaround for this?

Anyone interested in petitioning JSTOR and Apple and encouraging them to get it together?

The PDF documents are probably not compatible to Quartz, converting them to an older PDF format via Adobe Acrobat should solve this.

Thanks for the reply. The possibility is encouraging, but spending $160US on Adobe Acrobat to find out is not. Any other alternatives?

I’m not sure if this is going to work but what about opening the PDF documents in Adobe Reader and printing them into a new PDF?

i think that you may be able to play around with pdf formatting if you use TeXshop and it is free but requires downloading alot of stuff like tetex and ghostscript to make it work right. it’s a latex application for mathematical typesetting mostly but I tend to use it for reading pdfs.