JSTOR plugin not working

I’m using Devon Agent to search JSTOR for any papers on “James Lind” and it’s returning zero results. The log file shows that a valid link was created

If you just drop that link into our browser (or even just click on it in Devon Agent), you’ll get A LOT of search results on this topic at JSTOR.

Is this a bug or is there some configuration I need to set?


Thanks for the bug report, we’ll check this. Most likely the plug-in needs an update.

The website requires now JavaScript which is not supported by the current plug-in.

Apologies for not being familiar with the plugin design, but does this mean that you need to update the plugin to make it work, or does it mean that because of this change it’s no longer possible to search JSTOR with devon agent.

The answer is actually both. However updating the plugin isn’t something simply done so the second part of your question is more pertinent right now.