Jump between pages in a pdf

Hi all,

I have been unable to find a shortcut for jumping from one page to another in a pdf document without opening it in preview application. Is this really the case… does DT Pro not allow a user to jump back and forth between pages using a keyboard shortcut???

Perhaps you could explain what action you mean by “jump from one page to another”?

Sorry for being unclear. Lets say I have a pdf document containing 500 pages. I’m reading on page 34 and decide I want to see whats on page 223. I could scroll to page 223 but that takes a bit of time. I would like to use a keyboard shortcut as preview does “command-alt G” and then enter tha page number and voila you are on the page you wish to view.

Having to scroll back and forth does not really work well when you need to quickly jump between pages in a long document. Having to open preview works but I would prefer to remain in DT Pro and not have to use an external app.

I hope this clarifies what I was hoping for.

I have been missing this quite obvious feature for a long time, too …

+1 Good suggestion. I would use this frequently.

Very nice idea. It would be great if it was complemented by a system of bookmarks saved with the PDF.