Jump to markdown header

Hi! After DEVONthink 3.7 added support for file transclusion it makes good environment for writing. Comical that this feature added today, since earlier today I tried to figure out how to include other files in same preview in Marked 2.

I prefer to do so much as possible in one application, and there is one feature I enjoy both in Drafts and nvUltra. Both in Drafts and nvUltra there is an action/command which can move to next or previous markdown header. Is it possible to accomplish in DEVONthink editor while writing in .md file with AppleScript or other automations? In Drafts it is custom action based on javascript.

Also, by adding keyboard shortcut to such command will make navigation more smooth experience.

No there isn’t a shortcut but you can navigate headers in the Content > Table of Contents inspector.

Or continue to use external editor? :wink: Hehe just kidding. Have just read this tread Request for a more appealing writing environment

Yes, I’m aware of TOC, just wanted to double-check if I missed something.

Nope, you haven’t missed anything.
No promises, but the request is noted.