Just a thank you note to the DT team

Just need to say that I wake up every morning super excited to work with DT. It offers me an incredible interface for my thousands of files and folders, projects and data. Within a few days the tool is transforming my whole workflow. My productivity increased immensly. This tool is far more worth - in monetary terms - than my expensive scanner or even my iPad.

I was already using tools like Alfred App (highly customized, from moving files to destination folders with a shortcut to dozens of other shortcuts), HoudahSpot as a better interface to Apple’s Spotlight search, Hazel app for watching folders and moving files to destination folders, PathFinder + ForkLift as Finder replacemts, and dozens of Python scripts for searching, replacing, renaming, moving files.

DT is a replacement for all of that. It brought me to a completely new level, and I am just beginning to learn the basics. With a tool like that at my disposal, I started migrating every notes app I had into DT: Evernote, Bear, Ulysses, iA Writer and some more (Emacs/Org, Confluence Wiki dumps and a dozen other legacy databases like AskSam dumps). I realized I don’t need to migrate those notes into an ultimate destination, I don’t need to. I can keep them in plain text or html or markdown dumps and let DT do the search!

Again: Completely blown away by DT’s capabilities, but also by the super responsive DT community and team (Jim, Christian, thank you for the excellent help!).


You’re welcome!

In the almost 8 years I’ve been with DEVONtechnoloiges, I have ~24,000 working hours in DEVONthink (2.x, now 3) and I still learn things about it weekly. You will never know everything about it (and only @cgrunenberg could come close to really being the master of it - and has more hours logged than me), but if it allows you to be more efficient in whatever capacity, enjoy it where you’re at and leave some time to explore it too.


I want to echo this. In fact, I’m spending more and more time in DT3. I do have some weird issues surrounding Indexed files, duplicates, and trash emptying, but I just continue to assume it’s my fault. :slight_smile:


We assume it’s your fault too :stuck_out_tongue::wink:
(Could not resist) :slight_smile:


I noticed that :slight_smile:

Thank you for the nice feedback and the kudos!

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I’d add to this thread to comment:

  • I find the software superb and incredibly useful…but perhaps that goes without saying.

  • What really stands out for me is the detailed and comprehensive user guide and the fact it is meticulously maintained and updated for every release (including point releases).

  • This forum is a courteous, supportive and amazing resouce. I’ve learned so much from reading posts on here (including posts, in the past few days, about shortcuts that I’m embarrassed to confess I’d never before noticed).

Thanks to the developers and especially to Jim, Christian and all those here who are so helpful to those like me who are still learning.