Just checking >> option to use kb to switch focus from sidebar?

Hello all,

First off – thank you for the option to now use the keyboard to navigate the sidebar – it really is a useful addition.

Related hereto, I just want to check whether or not I am missing an already-available option to change the focus to either the ‘standard’ or ‘widescreen’ preview-views?

In other words, what I am hoping is possible, is the following:

a.) With the sidebar ‘in focus’, use the arrow keys/kb to navigate to a specific group in the sidebar.
b.) With that group selected – hit a kb-combination(?), and have the focus switch from the sidebar, into the standard/widescreen preview-view, to then continue using the kb/arrow keys to select a specific file inside that (newly-selected) group.
[Edit:] c.) It would be similarly very useful if the same kb-combination could act as a toggle – in other words, when the focus is instead on the standard/widescreen preview-view, triggering it, would allow the focus to return to the sidebar, and allow for continued navigation there, using the kb/arrow keys.

Is this possible currently?
I have tried all sorts, and it doesn’t appear to be?

(Shift-)Ctrl-Tab can be used to jump between sidebar (if enabled), main view, inspector and preview (if visible).

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You just received a standing ovation from far away! :sunglasses:

It’s sometimes the small things in life that bring the greatest joy. Many thanks – this is going to be very useful going forward!

Has something changed, possibly, over the last few days (cannot remember when the upgrade between 3.0.2 and 3.0.3 was).

The shortcut now allows me to jump ‘back’, from main view to sidebar, or from inspector to preview, to main view, to sidebar – but nothing happens when triggered from inside the sidebar… In other words, I cannot jump left to right, only right to left…

The shortcut is still the same and actually works fine over here. A screenshot of your setup would be useful.

Here you go:

[Must add – have only Quit/Restarted DT3, but not the system as of yet (too much open) – will shout if that does the trick!]

Same setup works fine over here. Is the keyboard navigation of the sidebar still enabled (see Preferences > General)?

Yes, and I unchecked, re-checked it now.

If I place the cursor in the search field of the Inspector, with a file selected, and visible in Preview – hitting the shortcut jumps from Inspector, to Preview, to Main View, to Sidebar.
But if I do same from the Sidebar, then I’m met with the “chirpy” ‘no-selection’ sound, with nothing appearing to happen.

Will reboot now – and see. Clearly something going on my side.

Rebooted – no difference.

Very odd. This was working just days ago. Cannot for the life of me fathom what might have changed?

Did you install any software, update the OS or change any preferences?

No new installs, apart from some updates via the MAS – still running 10.14.6 until Catalina settles – and nope, no changes in Preferences.

If I’m the outlier, then so be it. Will troubleshoot some more, and see if I can get to the bottom of it. Thanks regardless!

Does Ctrl-Tab still work on a new & clean second user account (see System Preferences > Users & Groups)?

Forgot about that! Yes, it’s working there (thankfully)! :smiley:

Ok – so it’s something specific to my current account. I will dig a bit – but thank you, good to know that’s it a specific account issue here!

This might be useful:

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Thanks. Tried that, no joy. Think Karabiner could be involved, but will pop something up when confirmed.

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