Keep document display as markdown

Hey all.
I write DevonThink documents in markdown as the default. Whenever I go back to a document the Document Display view has changed to Preview. Is there any way to prevent this so that I am always looking at documents as markdown?

As noted in the Help > Documentation > Preferences > Media

Thank you so much. I was looking completely in the wrong place.
Apologies for causing the RTFM response.

No worries - and apologies if it came across as an RTFM. That’s never intentional. I only intend to point people toward the documentation as it’s a very good resource that people tend to forget is there.

(And it has nothing to do with the fact that I am responsible for it - even things that need to be refined in it :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Not at all. Super helpful and concise. Very much appreciate it.

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Thanks - especially about the “concise” part. The previous documentation slowly grew over the years and we kept being concise as a primary goal in the rewrite.

As I noted in the foreward…