Keep log window visible

Any way to keep the Log window visible at all times? If I have a screen with DT on the left, the Log window visible in the middle and Finder on the right. If I click on Finder the Log window disappears. I need to be able to compare the log with Finder.

This is not possible without a change from Development.

You could always save the Log contents and open it externally.

Thank you for the reply.
Another Rain Man instance.

You’re welcome.


I’m with @shiiko on this one. Ideally the log window may lose focus when shifting between apps, but it shouldn’t disappear altogether - it’s a point of reference, after all.

Can it be made possible to raise a ticket with the dev team to have the window behaviour modified? A good solution would incorporate a “Dismiss” button which, when pressed, would make the window disappear, leaving the default action for the window to remain in place.

I would prefer a button “Don’t dismiss” which turns into “Dismiss” when used. This way the current behaviour could remain and we would have the option to make the log stay open if that’s necessary.

This could be easily changed but I’m wondering what’s the purpose actually. To monitor DEVONthink in the background?

Hi Christian

The log gives valuable insight to DT’s background activity. At present, it doesn’t report everything going on (but that could be an enhancement well worth considering), I use it to simply confirm actions that I’ve taken, such as running the script to verify & optimise databases. Occasionally I may want to reference some log info into, say, an email message (as I did earlier to the DT support team), but I don’t want to have to save the log into a separate file only to then open the file with a different application to read/copy/paste - I simply want to read and record specific information contained within the log window whilst I’m in another app that has focus. The essence is that when a window appears it should remain until consciously dismissed - not when navigating away from DT. In my opinion it’s inconsistent and not standard good practice. If I navigate away from DT, the DT main window remains, as I’d expect. If that were to operate in the same way as the log window, then I’m sure you’d have quite a few unhappy customers!

The next update will change this.