Keep selected replicant only

if i have selected a replicated item, how do i delete all other instances of it? I have replicants in folder A and folders B, C, and D, and I only want to keep the ones in folder A. Is there a way to send the rest of them to trash?

There are two possibilities currently:

  1. In the See Also & Classify inspector classify the item to the desired group

  2. Drag & drop a search or smart group result to the preferred group

And of course scripting.

Christian (@cgrunenberg), I see that it is possible to remove duplicates via Applescript. But I don’t see the same option for replicants. Does it exist using other indirect methods?

To better illustrate the point:

This works.

set theDuplicates to duplicates of theRecord

This doesn’t.

set theReplicants to replicants of theRecord

Bernardo, I have a script “Kill Duplicates and Replicants” by Loren Ryter, Wooden Brain Concepts, May 2006 - check this legacy site here WBC Scripts
It does work, well, it asks you to select which folder you want to look for replicants in, then looks for a match, then asks what you want to keep.

Thanks, @uimike!
Looks like @josieduffy has found her “Blade Runner” script thanks to you.

I have been using a D-dupe script myself that I leave in the toolbar and that removes all duplicates of the currently selected record (preserving the selected one, of course), but I don’t use replicants very often.

replicants isn’t a property of a record.

As a replicated file has more than one parent, here is an indirect option…

tell application id "DNtp"
	if (count (parents of (selected record 1))) > 1 then display alert "This file is replicated."
end tell

Thanks, Jim. Indeed, I looked for it in the record properties list and couldn’t find it.

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Have you found the Unicorn yet?