keeping blue folders in DTPro 2.7.4

It’s nice to be able to get rid of the Mavericks dots if I want to, but dropping the “Colorize icons with label” preference has compromised my established settings.

I don’t like the manila folders at all (though the colour works well enough with Tags, I guess), and “Colorize icons with label” allowed me to keep their default at the more preferable blue.

In the new set-up it appears I can keep blue folders, but at the cost now of having to exclude folders from tagging.

This is a loss of functionality for me. I used to be able to keep blue folders AND have folders tagged – a feature I used in some databases, though not in others.

Would it possible to keep that option somehow, along with the enriched Labels Preferences? :frowning:

The former “Colorize icons with label” preference is basically identical to the new “Classic (Mac OS)” style. The only difference is that groups with/without tagging use now different icons, like all other styles do. However, we’ll consider this for upcoming releases depending on feedback.

As said in the Beta forum, those yellow groups remind me of Window 95 directories. But if that’s the way you want to design the UI, so be it. Form follows function.