Keeping current database hidden in left sidebar

I find it really useful that we can hide parts of the left sidebar panel. Particularly the “currently selected database pane”.

I like to keep it totally hidden: my DB has so much depth and so many groups that it is useless.

However DT lies in the way here: even if I hide it, when jumping to a group (through “Go > To Group …” menu, the “currently selected database pane” reopens and selects the group in it. Wouldn’t it be possible to let it stay hidden?


A screenshot of Preferences > General might be useful.

Ahah! Unchecking “Automatically expand & collapse” does the trick if staying in a same window.

However it seems that when you open a group in a new window, then the hidden status of the “currently selected database pane” seems overriden for that new window.

Did I get it right?

Each window currently uses its own settings.

And a new window uses the default setting which is “not hidden”, right?
Would it be possible for you to consider implementing that a new window inherits from the last front window? Or to make it a database setting?

A future release might revise this.

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