Keeping DTOP on an external hard disk?

Not sure where to post this.

I am thinking of going to a Retina MacbookPro which, of course, is very stingy with harddisk space. Could I put my 12 GB or so database for DTOP on a NAS server which would then be accessed via WiFi?

Thanks for any advice.


I was just looking at these macs at the apple store. You can get a SSD over 700 GB on the 15 inch version. Hardly what I’d call stingy. Expensive, yes.

Yes. In case you have multiple Macs, be sure to open the database in only one instance of DEVONthink at a time. Speed and response will depend on your network, obviously. Over here, I use power liner ethernet, which works well and faster than WiFi.

Just my two cents but I would i[/i] stay away from using an NAS since they use a non-standard filesystem (often ext3) which keeps it from being indexable by Spotlight. In my opinion, losing Spotlight functionality is too great a loss.

Expensive, yes!!!

Thanks for various suggestions.

Yes, I would have only one copy. Power line ethernet is a good idea, but if I understand, it would mean that DTPO data would be available only within the house. I would want it accessible from office and on the road.

750GB is available but very expensive.

Didn’t know about Spotlight and NAS. That’s something to bear in mind, not only for DTOP but also for iTunes etc…

Thanks for replies so far. Keep 'em coming!

Power line for in-house networking, and DEVONthink Pro Office web server for external office and on-the-road access. Two different things, not mutually exclusive, and you can do both at the same time.