Keeping relative links while importing

I have an offline copy of a website that has relative links. But when I import them all into DT they still link to the files outside! I want them to be in the database and delete the originals but still want to be able to click between the pages.

I assume it is something about the file paths because when I delete paths using the supplied script links do not work at all. Does anybody know what should be the correct path for keeping relative links? Is there any other way, option etc.?


I’d like to know this too. Im having a hard time as a beginner understanding this, and find this most critical to understanding how DT works

I also am a DT beginner, and I don’t yet understand how to control whether things are copied into the DB vs. having links to outside content. Is it using index vs. import?

Since there are no solutions send so far and I couldn’t figure out anything myself, I am abandoning my hopes. So now this is a feature request. Can the developers add a way to import a bunch of documents that are linking each other and convert the links into internal links?


At the moment please use indexing instead of importing and then this should work as expected.

Indexing doesn’t work work as I expect either. When I follow the links, DT shows the new pages as external files, not as indexed files. So See Also gives results for the first file I opened only. I have to manually find the files every time so links are not much helpful anymore. I think DT should recognize outside links that are indexed.

Also I like my database a single piece for easy backup.


It’s basically another shortcoming of Apple’s WebKit which will be fixed by the file-based approach of V2.