Keyboard-based way to set focus to edit pane

I typically use a three-pane view. A very common workflow for me is to add a new data item and then jump to the edit pane to start editing. I can add a new item via the menus or via a keyboard shortcut. Nice. However I can’t seem to find any menu item, keyboard shortcut, or AppleScript command to move to the edit pane. Instead I have to click in the edit pane. My ultimate objective is to script the add-and-edit step as a Keyboard Maestro macro, but I can’t do this unless there is a way to select the edit pane via menu item, keyboard, or AppleScript action. Any ideas?

In the three-pane view, control-tab cycles between the group pane, the document pane, the edit pane, and the tag bar (if visible). Shift-control-tab cycles back.

Awesome! Thanks. Funny thing is, Keyboard Maestro — the app I wanted to use in the first place — was overriding this key sequence. All is now well with the world. :smiley:

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Same thing happened to me. Thanks I just happened upon this looking for something else. I changed the Keyboard Maestro shortcut for switcher and all is also well wth me.