Keyboard key possible?

Hi and good day,
Is it not possible to set a keyboard key for opening a new Rich Text note?

See screendump:


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Omar K N
Stockholm, Sweden

Have you tried the native shortcuts in System Preferences available from the apple icon? I am on DT 2 but you should be able to set it for the “Tools” and the ‘Take Note’ drop down menu item? I think you have to take care with the three dots, as to whether it is an ellipsis or not. Otherwise I am not sure I recognize the exact menu you have screenshot? I am assuming this is not available on DT2 I think it might respond to setting a Native Keyboard Shortcut though? Here is a similar question.

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Thank you @ tudoreynon!

As the menu did not ’start’ from the top (as in other apps) I was unsure if this was possible, but it works like a breeze :slight_smile:


with best regards, Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden