Keyboard page up/down

The typical Mac keyboard shortcut for page up/page down used to be fn-up or fn-dn, but at some point those keys were changed to be screen up/screen dn (despite Apple’s documentation still calling them page up/page down). This is significantly more tedious when viewing large format drawings in the PDF viewer. Is there any way to get a keyboard shortcut for a true page up/page down command in the DEVONthink PDF viewer? If there was a menu command I could use the Keyboard/Shortcuts prefpane, but alas there is not. (Well, there is in the context menu, but it doesn’t look like that menu can be used for setting shortcuts.)


Spacebar and shift-spacebar will navigate PDF documents with the true page down/page up functionality that you are looking for.

Thanks, Greg, but on mine that’s doing the same as fn-up/fn-dn is doing for me.