Keyboard shortcut for Classify when Auto-Classify not trigge

(Forgive me if this has been asked before, but I can’t find any record of it.)

When I’m assessing documents in the inbox, DTP does an excellent job of selecting sensible groups to locate.

However, the ‘Auto-classify’ function, only seems to work if the score is high enough. I’m not sure how high is ‘enough’, but at some value the function works. It’s great when it does (although there doesn’t seem to be any way of knowing whether it will work in advance or not) - I press my shortcut key and everything’s OK.

But very often the AI identifies the right group correctly although the score is too low to trigger the Auto-classify: then I have to use the mouse, which when you’re classifying hundreds of documents is simply inefficient.

I appreciate that there will be times when using the mouse is unavoidable - e.g. when the AI is totally wrong, or when I want to replicate - but for me it would be a significant enhancement if there was a way to attach a keyboard shortcut to the ‘Move To’ button.

A possible refinement would be if the top X of the Classify groups list were given a number with a linked keyboard shortcut - e.g. CTL-1 moved the selected document to the top-ranked group, CTL-2 to the second and so on.

Many thanks.

I would also appreciate this.

Thanks for the suggestion, the next release will finally add a shortcut (Control-C) to the “Move To” button.

Thanks Christian