Keyboard shortcut for expand all and collapse all

Hi. Do a lot of expand/collapse of groups and doesn’t look like there’s any way to assign keyboard shortcut due expand all/collapse all command is in context menu.

Even tried enabling “keyboard navigation” for sidebar and using favourites / workspace keyboard shortcut to jump to assigned group in order to use right/left arrows to expand/collapse but focus is not on sidebar most of the time after calling favourites/workspace. Any suggestion for keyboard shortcut assignment? Cheers

One option might be to enable the preference to automatically expand/collapse the sidebar.

Unfortunately it didn’t work. No worries, will stick to using mouse.

@benoit.pointet inadvertently taught me how to do this today when he answered a private message I sent him about his graphing script.

Command-A to select-all, then right-arrow to open/expand any group that is now selected—but only by one tier. So, you would have to keep doing this over and over until the lowest tier has been expanded.

The reverse procedure is left arrow.

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Cheers, will try it out.