Keyboard SHortcut for "New Tab"?

Is the a keyboard shortcut for crating a new tab? If not, please add it to the feature request list …

Option-Command-O will open a file in a new tab if there are tabs already open.

thanks BLUEFROG, but that’s not exactly what i want to achieve…

i want to open an empty new tab as by clicking the little + sign in the tab bar.

I’m curious what you would want to do with this empty tab? There is literally no action I can think of that can be performed from a hypothetical empty tab. Unlike a browser, it’s not as if you can type an arbitrary location into the address bar, can’t search for a document, etc.

Perhaps you could share what it is you are hoping to accomplish? Maybe thejre’s another way to do what you are hoping to do, or maybe the DEVONtech folks will better understand your need for a future update.

You can use cmd-opt-n to open a new DTPO window, and if you have the macOS System Preferences>Dock>Prefer Tabs set to “Always”, then you’ll have a new DTPO in a tab next to the initial one.

When using the Three Pane view, one can use the open tab to browse to and view different files, while easily switching between them (and keeping everything in the same window). I find this very useful, but getting to such a view with multiple tabs currently requires me to open multiple files - in other words, there is no easy way of opening an empty tab unless you are already viewing files in tabs.

You may be able to get what you want if you enable System Preferences>Dock>Prefer Tabs:Always

Then pressing cmd-opt-n opens a new DEVONthink window in a second tab that you can navigate to an arbitrary location.

If you don’t have that OS Tab setting to “always” then you will just get a second DEVONthink window.

I believe @mesroporsem is looking to open a new, blank tab in the View/Edit pane, not open a new database window as a macOS tab.

@mesroporsem, you could accomplish this with Keyboard Maestro, by having it look for and clicking on the ‘+’ icon. This of course assumes that you already have documents open in tabs where the ‘+’ is visible, which I believe is what you are describing.

This is not an extreme use case request-I’ve wanted to see this also. In addition to the ‘+’ icon, there is already a ‘New Tab’ contextual menu (right-click on the title of a document opened in a tab) and ‘Close Tab’ already appears in the Window menu. Adding ‘New Tab’ to the Window menu with a shortcut sounds reasonable. Put me down for a +1 for this request.
Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 8.10.08 AM.png

I’ve discovered a sort of short-cut: alt-clicking a link opens the linked document in a new tab. Also works for alt-double-clicking a document in the viewer.

That exactly describes the problem! Scenario: Doing some research in the database, found one file and want to keep it in an open tab, open a new tab and continue research… but how to open a new tab with just the keyboard? Really no shortcut? Even Safari can do this!

Dito! Thanks for the Keyboard Maestro tip. But still this should be integrated into DTPO directly!