Keyboard shortcut for opening search

Hello everybody,

I have just installed DEVONsphere using it with DEVONThink working perfect. Nevertheless I would have one simple questions: how can I set the keyboard shortcut for opening directly the search field? I am using hotkeys for creating different shortcuts on my Mac, when using it with DEVONSphere it is just showing the Leaf on the middle of the screen as if it is opening it but the upper menu bar will not pop up. It is so annoying that I have to click with my mouse extra on it if I want to search everything. Can you help me there?

Thanks in advance.


Welcome @Milos_1989

Click the Action menu (gear icon) or press Command-, and open the preferences. You can set a hot key there.

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Perfect! Thank you for your answer, it works grea @BLUEFROG

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: