Keyboard Shortcut - "Move" Text" "Select"

As an attorney I use Devonthink to markup, hyperlink and manage lots of large PDFs, and sometimes need to import those links into other software such as Curio, Aeon Timeline etc.

This task would be made much easier if DT allowed keyboard shortcuts that would allow me to move quickly across the PDF annotations buttons( circle, note, text etc), and the “Move” Text" “Select” buttons, all of which appear across the top of the PDF windows.

Mousing all of these options is clumsy and slows the process of PDF markup down considerably.

I’ve had a look in the forum and can’t see any workaround solutions, or ability to set my own keyboard shortcuts to allow quick navigation across these functions.

Can anybody suggest anything?

Interesting… I find it more clumsy to use the keyboard, but different strokes… :smiley:

In System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App-Shortcuts… You can add shortcuts like so…

I used Option and keys comfortable to my right hand. No meaning other than spatially.

Thanks Jim.

I love the combo of DT and Curio for lawyer’s work BTW. Manage the raw data in DT, map it spatially in Curio (all hyperlinked back to DT), then send text back from Cutio to DT for some polishing, before exporting to Word.

No problem. Interesting process. If you do (or ever decide to) blog, that’d be an interesting read. Cheers! :smiley:

Jim, I’m trying to copy this to work on my machine too, but it doesn’t work yet.
I’ve read David Sparks remark on the ‘ellipses’ thing (the 3 dots) and applied that too, but still it doesn’t work.

I assume the shortcuts on your print screen are about editing a PDF? Where and when should these shortcuts work? Three pane view for example or should you have the PDF open in a separate editor window?

Thanks for helping out!

There should be no ellipses (or three dots either) as the menu items do NOT have them. See Edit > PDF Document > Annotate.

This will only work when a PDF is displayed, whether in the main window or a separate window. You must make sure there is no conflict with other keyboard shortcuts in DEVONthink.

I just tested it out again, and it works as expected.

Thanks for correcting Jim, don’t remember where I got the 3 dots from…
It works, but:

  • Add Link, should open the add link window where you can paste or type the link, shouldn’t it? It doesn’t seem to work for me. I’ve tried first selecting some text - then pressing the key shortcut.
  • Also, once you have executed a keyb shortcut, the cursor keeps at it, so it remains a +. How do I revert to no tool selected, or plain mouse pointer if you want? I tried pressing escape, but it doesn’t seem to release… Pressing another key shortcut does change to the other selected tool

I’m not sure what you’re using “Add Link” for.

I use it to either add a x-devonthink-item:// type link or any URL.
To me it is similar as what you can do in RTF documents.
It’s also at about the same place in the right click menu.

Why bother with Add Link with you can already use “Link To” on selected text in a PDF (or any file) and choose to link to any file in any open database? With Add Link you have to go find a file, copy its Item Link then go back to the PDF and add the link. S-l-o-w process.

Simply because the number of items in the unfolding list is way too big…

I think I’ve already commented on this somewhere else.
Don’t remember where, but I seem to have run into situations where the way the user interface is presenting the options is not 100% identical. If not mistaken I’m referring here to the way the web clipper presents you with a dropdown list of choices where you will / can file your clipping.

It depends a bit on what I’m doing and where I’m working, out in the field, limited to my macbook, or at home bathing in multiscreen luxury…
I even tend to open multiple DT windows, sometimes to keep focused on a specific matter per window, sometimes to find something in a second or third window while leaving the other untouched.

Anyway, it should pop up shouldn’t it?

Add Link is not the same as Edit > PDF Document > Annotate > Link. The PDF Tool switches as expected if the hotkey is unoccupied. You need to drag to marquee the linking area. This is commonly used for image map style links, like linking a logo to a website, etc.

Format > Add Link… requires a text selection in the document before it will appear.

Right-click > Link To >, per korm’s suggestion, will select the word under the right-click if none is already selected.