Keyboard shortcut to create different format of new files?

Hi, I am wondering whether there is any way I can add keyboard shortcuts to create different formats of new files. Currently, there are only shortcuts for plain text and rich text. Can I assign a shortcut (like Command + Option + M) that creates a new Markdown file or a new sheet?

Much thanks.

Yes, you can. Either with the usual general preferences (Keyboard, Shortcuts, Applications) or with specialized tools like Better Touch Tool, Alfred or Keyboard Maestro.

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Hi, I couldn’t find the keyboard shortcut preferences anywhere in DEVONThink’s application’s preference panel, could you please elaborate more? Thanks.

Like for nearly all Mac Apps, is in the system preferences:

You might also find some useful posts regarding keyboard shortcuts by using the search function in the forum. Or even in your favorite search engine:


That’s quite helpful! I’ve been using Mac for 8 years and don’t know about this system-wide feature until today… Thank you again :smiley:

As an addendum to @chrillek’s comments…

And welcome @BillChen2k

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