Keyboard shortcut to create new Group?

I’ve been looking for this for an hour in the forums and the manual. Does anyone know the shortcut for this? I have a group (folder) selected, and I need a keyboard shortcut to create a sibling of it (new group at same level).


An hour? Look at the menus. Data > New > Group


Yes, there it is.

I will refrain from ranting about why it appears to be nowhere in the help file or manual.

Rant anyway. But, it’s in the help file (a search for “create group” is useful there). If by “manual” you mean Joe Kissell’s book - you’ll find it on page 97, in the obscurely-named section “Create a Group”. Or if you type “Group” into the search box at the head of the Help menu then New > Group is the first entry shown. I grant you, it does take a troublesome few seconds to locate these things.