Keyboard shortcut to select from Search field first result?

Is there a keyboard shortcut to select the first result after I have done a in-database-search via the normal Search field? (Which I very conveniently can get to with the shortcut opt-cmd-F.)

With “normal search” I mean the search which is confined to the current database, not the search which comes up when I open a Search Window (shift-cmd-F).

In the normal search I didn’t find a way to move with the keyboard to the resultlist to select the first entry. Is there a keyboard shortcut?

There may be other ways to do this also, but I Tab and then Down Arrow.

CMD+PageDown goes to the 1st document.

On a MacBook, you have to press Fn+CMD+DownArrow.

With Fn+CMD pressed, you can walk to your docs using UpArrow and DownArrow.

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Thanks for these promising tips! Will try them, when I’m back on the Mac.

Back at my Mac! :slight_smile: Unfortunately both suggestions do not work for e:

Tab, then DownArrow brings me to the groups, but not to the document list.

FN+cmd+DownArrow doesn’t do anything for me when the search field has the focus. (Only a brief flash of the “Go” menu in the menubar.) :frowning:

Are there any other keyboard short cuts for the very often used workflow “Search-in-DB then Look-at-first-document”?

Note: I’m using the “as Three panes” view in DTPro.

Function-Command-Down(Up) arrows are working as mentioned here: in macOS 10.12, 10.13 - Split, Three Pane, etc.

This is so strange! I have tried it on High Sierra in an isolated test account without any additional utilities loaded. Here is what I did:

  1. After restarting and login into the test account I open DTPro (V 2.9.16) by double-clicking the application in the Finder.

  2. I click away the tutorial window.

  3. With the mouse I click the Three Pane view.

  4. In the - due to the first launch of course empty - Global Inbox I create two Markdown texts, one containing the word “kallaro”, one containing the word “xacz7”

  5. Then I press opt-cmd-F and the search field in the same window receives the focus.

  6. I type “kallaro” in the search field and in the result pane beneath the search field the Markdown text with the world “kallaro” is listed.

  7. I press FN-cmd-Down - and apart from the flashing of the “Go” menu the focus remains on the search field.

Jim, can you please confirm that it works for you with the same steps? Many thanks!

Yes, it works as expected but only if there is more than one search result. If there’s only one, it is selected by default.

Just to clarify, Tab and then Down Arrow does work with the Split View. I now see that you are using the Three Pane View.

Thanks Greg! Your solution brings me in Three Pane view at least to the group pane. (A second tab brings me today even to the result list.)

@schelmenzunft’s suggestion works (for me) sometimes: Yesterday it didn’t, today it does. Not sure what has changed between yesterday and today…