Keyboard Shortcuts and Navigation for Tags, Editing and More

The specific question I’m most interested in is this: are there keyboard shortcuts to navigate from the title of a document to its contents and to its tags in the tag bar to enable creation and editing without pauses for mousing?

More generally, I can’t seem to find a list of keyboard shortcuts anywhere; is there a master list of DT Office Pro keyboard shortcuts somewhere? And is it generally possible to do much navigation of the program by keyboard? It’s not that I hate the mouse or anything — the mouse is great — but for some things, the keyboard’s a lot faster and thus doesn’t get in the way of thought, whereas stopping to grab the mouse does.


You can use (Shift-) Ctrl-Tab to switch the focus between the views/panes, the document, the Tags bar back & forth.

Awesome! Thank you so much! Is there any way to discover all the other available keyboard shortcuts, though? A program feature, a page in the manual, something on the website…?

For example, what does option-tab do? I googled it, and apparently that used to be the shortcut for switching focus, but now it’s doing something else that looks for all the world like hiding text under invisible tabs, except I assume that can’t possibly be it.

(Shift-) Option-Tab is now used for the simple rich text outliner (aka “lists”), just like in TextEdit.

Tab doesn’t get me down to that bottom area where the tags are. I really need a keyboard shortcut to the tagging area. Anyone know?

See Christian’s first reply above.

OK, got it: ctrl-tab. If there are pre-existing tags in the Tags area, you have to hit right-arrow to add new one(s).

As someone asked earlier in this thread, is there a chart anywhere of keyboard shortcuts for DT Pro?

It’s one thing Joe Kissell left out of his very helpful book.

This is exactly what I came here looking for. Is there a master list somewhere? Today I’m trying to figure out how to use the keyboard to navigate from a group to a text snippet within that group and back, but I can’t figure out how to do that.

I’ve already becoming much more efficient in adding text – command-shift-n for folders and command-control-n for text – but I’d rather have a master list than continually ask questions on the forum.

Thanks in advance for any help.

The downloaded version of the manual has several tables of shortcuts - specific to various topics in the manual. For example, see page 103 of the manual.

Many apps have a shortcut list accessed through the help menu. This would be a good addition for all flavors of DT.

Thanks very much for posting this!

I have been looking for a table of shortcuts, but my .pdf version of the manual does not seem to have what was described by korm. What I’m looking at is DEVONthink Pro version 2.0.7 Documentation. Is there something else I should download? Or am I just failing to find such a table in this document.