Keyboard Shortcuts for Document Display: ⌃⌘D Conflict

It looks like the DT3beta3 keyboard shortcuts for document display changed again.

⌃⌘X for source view and ⌃⌘Y for split view work fine, but ⌃⌘D for preview conflicts with the MacOS dictionary lookup which seems to be hard-coded into Mojave with no way to remap it.

The beta2 shortcuts were working well (at least for me). Thanks…I’m loving everything else about DT3.

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Noted and thanks for the nice feedback! :slight_smile:

Not had chance to try out the new version yet, but if the shortcuts have changed from the DT2 versions (which were unsuitable because they overrode basic MacOS text functionality) then I’d like to say thanks — I really do appreciate the team’s responsiveness to such issues!

I can’t say all, but some certainly were. :slight_smile:

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