Keyboard shortcuts for zoom not working

When looking at a PDF and wanting to zoom in, the keyboard shortcuts for zoom in (ctrl cmd +) and zoom out (ctrl cmd -) don’t work. However it does work if I use menu view zoom in and out.

I get this occasionally but with trackpad.
Restarting Mac fixes the issue.

Are you holding the Shift key when zooming in?
Note the key is Control-Command-+. Plus is Shift - =.

(PS: This is how Apple refers to it as well.)

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There must be an error here…

After experimenting with the keyboard shortcuts Zoom in works with SHIFT/CMD/+ (BUT NOT WITH CTRL/CMD/+). Zoom out works CTRL/CMD/- (but not with SHIFT/CMD/-). That can’t be right ??

On the menu bar view–>zoom in and out is labelled as (CTRL/CMD/+ or -) which was the previous behaviour in DTPO.

it works smoothly on my mac mini. thank you!

Glad to hear it and you’re welcome :slight_smile: