Keyboard shortcuts for zoom not working

When looking at a PDF and wanting to zoom in, the keyboard shortcuts for zoom in (ctrl cmd +) and zoom out (ctrl cmd -) don’t work. However it does work if I use menu view zoom in and out.

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I get this occasionally but with trackpad.
Restarting Mac fixes the issue.

Are you holding the Shift key when zooming in?
Note the key is Control-Command-+. Plus is Shift - =.

(PS: This is how Apple refers to it as well.)

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There must be an error here…

After experimenting with the keyboard shortcuts Zoom in works with SHIFT/CMD/+ (BUT NOT WITH CTRL/CMD/+). Zoom out works CTRL/CMD/- (but not with SHIFT/CMD/-). That can’t be right ??

On the menu bar view–>zoom in and out is labelled as (CTRL/CMD/+ or -) which was the previous behaviour in DTPO.

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it works smoothly on my mac mini. thank you!

Glad to hear it and you’re welcome :slight_smile:

As of September 2022, zoom in/out on Devonthink functions on my Mac exactly as indicated by user apb123.

So there are different commands for zooming in/out: different from each other, different from what’s indicated on View → Zoom, different from how my Mac works with any other app. But why?

Welcome @Buckles80

I am seeing no issue or discrepancy with the Zoom commands and their shortcuts.
Zoom Out = Control-Command-minus
Zoom In - Control-Command-Shift-= (as the plus is a shifted character)

I’m probalby a bit dense here, but on my Mac Cmd-Minus and Cmd-Plus do all the zooming (in Firefox, Photoshop etc.). Where does the “Control” come from?

I was referring to DEVONthink’s shortcuts.

Thanks for following up! I’m seeing the same commands and shortcuts on my DT settings as the ones you’ve indicated. I have different ones for my Mac system preferences (I didn’t change them to that, so AFAIK I’m using the standard Mac settings).

The issue isn’t with the commands, but with their results. As with the commenter above: “Zoom in works with SHIFT/CMD/+ (BUT NOT WITH CTRL/CMD/+). Zoom out works CTRL/CMD/- (but not with SHIFT/CMD/-).”

As a result, when using DT, Zoom-out follows the DT shortcut, but Zoom-in follows the Mac shortcut.

You’re welcome!


Are you including the Shift key in this?

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Ah, I see what you’re saying! We were describing the same thing just slightly differently. So zooming in requires pushing four buttons. CTRL/CMD/SHIFT/equal sign (which becomes plus sign).

That’s different from the Mac commands, which don’t require CTRL. Is this new for DT? Or did the Mac commands just work with DT before? Did there used to be a zoom in/out option right on the reader menu bar?

Indeed, it is a four-finger operation.

I can’t answer on the other questions as I didn’t make those decisions, but @cgrunenberg would know.

The shortcuts are the same for quite a while, the actual keys vary depending on the keyboard layout.