Keyboard shortcuts

I rely heavily on to get around my computer, but there are several shortcuts that seem to be missing from Devon think and I’m wondering if anybody can clue me in.

First, I like the new clipping feature and how it opens up the clipper and Devon think itself, but the problem with this is that the cursor is focused in the notes field after you hit the clip button in Safari. I want to be able to get the click button and then have keyboard shortcuts to quickly accept the new note in any of the various formats. For example, in the previous clipper you could simply use command plus P to save a clipping as a PDF file. There were even shortcut reminders in the clipper itself to remind you of the shortcuts. I’m really hoping these still exist with the new clipper, can anybody tell me what the shortcuts are?

Second, Devon think does not have a very robust way of navigating the interface with the keyboard in general. More specifically, I would like to be able to very quickly tag a selected document without having to manually go all the way to the bottom click in the tags field and then start typing. On a side note I also find it highly annoying that there is not an option to place the tags field in the center of the three pane interface like there was on the beta. Anyhow, I am aware that you can control plus tab to change the focus of the interface elements once you are in Devon think, but I’m hoping that there is a quicker shortcut that can be used to jump directly to the tags application field so that I can quickly tag many documents without having to hit control plus tab three times to change the focus from the tags field back to the document selection field.

Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks!

You can save the note/clipping by pressing Cmd-S, version 2.1.2 will also include shortcuts to change the format.