keyboard support

I wish DTTG could support keyboard shortcuts for editing rich text and/or markdown documents. For example, I want Super+B to make a selected text bold.

We have styling Rich Text via keyboard shortcuts on our list of future enhancements.

I am happy to hear that. It will boost productivity inside DTTG!

+1 for that!

My MacBook recently was on repair and I had to live 2 weeks with iPad and BT keyboard. If you press and hold CMD - I learned then - you see all supported keyboard shortcuts. In many apps it is Zero, in some apps there’s a considerable list - if you’re looking for a good example, Airmail 3 has an abundant list of supported shortcuts!

I think this is really important particularly on the iPad Pro - which is the perfect companion for DT to go.

If you could please add basic shortcut support - this would make living much easier and I could use the app not only as a document viewer.

Keep up the good work.

Actually, most formatting shortcuts already work EXCEPT for Command-B and Command-I as both are intercepted by iOS itself for their (simple) text field formatting. We’ve not (yet) found a way to make it pass the info through to us, unfortunately.

But better text editing is definitely on the list.