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I have to say that I’m a longtime user and fan of Devonthink. Since 2004, no less.

I’ve always wanted to have a keyboard shortcut for quickly adding MANUALLY any Inbox note to any group (folder). Instead, I have to manually right-click or control-click, and then select the destination. That’s quite annoying since sometimes I have hundreds of unprocessed notes, clips, images. At this moment I have 410 items in my Inbox.

It would be great to simply type a shortcut when the note is selected, and then type the destination folder, [[ if there’s a typo in the destination folder Devonthink would suggest close matches ]]

I use Devonthink to jot down dozens of ideas that can be used in projects, research, documentation and so on, so I would think of it as a processing. I’ve found that neither using tags nor autoclassify work for this.


Gustavo Arizpe

Gustavo, I like your idea for a quick-file shortcut.

In the meanwhile – have you experimented with the Tools > Show Groups and Tags panel? It float about all windows on the desktop – even if the window is not DEVONthink – and you can use it to quickly navigate all your groups and drag items from an Inbox to a group, or one group to another, or replicate/duplicate items, or even drag from Finder to a database groups. When I have a a lot of reorganizing to do (like your 410 inbox items to sort) I position Groups and Tags to one side of the screen and make it narrow and tall.

And there’s also the See All panel that can make very good suggestions for where to file your Inbox documents when you are working in a particular database.

Thanks, I had never opened Tools > Show Groups… I’ll try it now with my current 200 or so inbox items.

I don’t see the “See All” Panel, though :frowning:



Data > See All & Classify

or, click the “magic hat” in the icon bar above a document preview panel

third icon from the right in this image: