Killer feature

For the more visual user - the ability to draw a few sketches in a ‘notebook metaphor’ would be truly a unique feature for any OSX application.
Inkwell aside, It is a much over-looked tool. A Japanese programmer that makes a whole range of interesting utilities makes ‘Macpad’.
If something like this was added to DevonThink, It would really be breaking new ground, and could then be called the first ‘real’ virtual-notebook application for OSX.

( Don’t be afraid that it’s written in Japanese - It’s quite simple and easy to understand. Double click the pencil tool to turn it into a text-tool etc… )

I don’t use it, but doesn’t NoteTaker by Aquaminds have a sketching function? And it is truly trying to re-create a notebook metaphor.

I can’t speak for the developers of DEVONthink, but sketching seems to be quite far removed from the primary strengths of DT. On the other hand, it seems that multiple people here are using both DT, and an outliner and/or notebook program, with synergistic results.


Cheers Joe on the upbeat ‘what the ****’ comment :wink: , but NoteTaker does nothing at all like ‘Macpad’ and it has still to be built on any MacOSX product except ‘Curio’ or it’s ilk - (done badly - clumsily).

I was just hoping for the sky or a tool that I could almost live in whilst working. ‘Macpad’ seemed to be pulling it off in a very simple and possibly in a very impressive way. I take it you don’t think so.

DT Pro 2.0 (the initial release will be v1.9) will probably include some simple sketching/mind mapping possibilities. But it’s unlikely that one will be able to draw inside a plain/rich text document (as DT uses standard file formats internally).

Somebody cross-posted your request to the Hog Bay Notebook forum  ;D

Hey Christian, when’d you get the wizard hat avatar?  Did I miss your 1000th post here? :slight_smile:

A beta tester sent me this image and thinks that it is appropriate 8)

Sounds like Pro 2.0 will include the kitchen sink and ship about the same time as Duke Nukem Forever :wink:

Well, the first public beta of DT Pro 1.9 will be released at the end of the month and DT Pro 2.0 should ship in Q4 (don’t know when Duke Nukem will ship :slight_smile:)