Kind (column) Web Internet Location


Is there a way that I can change the reference shown in a “kind” column

Currently shown: Web internet location
Would like: Webloc

I would like to always see the shortened text and not the long text that gets truncated on a narrow column view.

Also, while at it. When I have Preferences > Appearance > Highlight Internet links in views selected, my links are a dark blue that are hard to read. Where can I change the color of a link so that it is easier to read?


No, this is not possible to change. The information comes directly from the operating system, just as is reported in the Finder.


You can’t change the link color. It uses te default color web links use.

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Some time ago I asked the BBEdit people why Markdown documents don’t have kind “Markdown” anymore but “text document” (for a very long time). They told me this change was made due to feedback from Apple. No idea what advantage a “text document” kind should have …

Wish I understood the reasoning myself :thinking:

May be they are using the first part of a MIME designation here?