kind of slow and crash on iPAD

I’ve waited for DTTG for the long time, and finally I just bought it :-0.
And it looks very nice. BUT…

After I synced 5 PDFs and 2 pictures (sync was fine), I moved around pictures and documents. The 5 PDFs and 2 pictures are scanned documents. The size of PDFs are between 500K to 3M and pages are between 1 to 5. The size of pictures are about 500K.

The loading time of PDF was quit long. it took almost 5 to 10 seconds. And when I tried to zoom a PDF, it also took more than 5 seconds.

And crash problem. when I moved aroung the 2 pictures (JPEG), well, it crashed.

I’m really happy to get DTTG. But, I will be happier if you fix the performance problem and crash problem.

See Eric’s announcement:

How to post bug reports