Kind of workaround for Orion Web Browser and Clip to Deevonthink

Orion Version (WebKit 618.1.2)
Clip to DEVONthink 1.5.2 Chrome Version

Unfortunately, it was not possible for me to use the browser extension “Clip to DEVONthink” in Chrome or Firefox versions. There was only a pop-up window in which you should have marked it and then confirmed with a button. Unfortunately, this was never possible because the pop-up disappeared after a very short time.

It was only when I remembered that the DEVONthink website “Handbooks and Extras” had a version of the “Clip-to-DEVONthink” as a bookmarklet that I was able to solve the problem.
By adding the bookmarklet to the reading list and then clicking on the entry, the pop-up window remained open until it was confirmed. From now on, the plugin in the Chrome version works quite normally for me.

Hope this tip helps others as well.

Indeed the bookmarklets could still be useful in certain circumstances.

On a side note, check Orion’s Preferences > Websites > Extension Settings

I swear I poked around in the clipper extension and found a way to patch it to work with Orion, but I cannot find the code now.

But I then settled on what is for me a better solution - bind Orion’s programmable button to something like this: x-devonthink://createMarkdown?title=%t&location=%u&reader=1&noselector=1&destination={{the UUID of the destination group}}&tags={{whatever tags you want to always have added -- I use webclip,orion}}&hide=1&referrer=%u

I personally only ever clip in markdown, so bypassing the webclipper UI altogether is a benefit for me. I also assigned a keyboard shortcut to Orion’s programmable button. This makes clipping much more effortless for me.