Label functionality missing in Devonthink Pro Update 3.0b3

Love DevonThink Pro Office!

I’ve just installed the lates update, 3.0Beta3 and that I see I’ve lost functionality for labelling individual Groups, but not their contents. See photos…

No option to add/removes labels here.


But only option to add label to folder contents available here.
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I hope this feature returns across the board. I love the color coding label system and it really helps me to keep track.



No. Groups can be labeled in DEVONthink 3. Not in the particular sidebar contextual menu in your screenshot, but if you select a group within the detailed view for a database and apply a label, the label will appear in all views, including the sidebar. Try it.

You can still interact with groups in the sidebar (label them, give them tags, aliases, comments, annotations etc) but there isn’t a shortcut for it.

Right-click on the group in the sidebar and choose Get Info. You’ll get this popup menu:

which is a effectively a selection of the panels available in the Inspector. You won’t be able to assign a keystroke to this (the sidebar can’t have keyboard focus at the moment, something I hope will change in due course as it’s so useful), but it’s more convenient than hunting for the group in the sidebar sometimes.