Labels in 3.0 beta

(1) It seems that label descriptions are still applied at global level?
(2) The label colour will be synchronised between DT and Finder for 3.0?


The labels are global but the color isn’t synchronized (the Finder’s label aren’t really labels anymore, they’re tags). But tags in version 3 can have a color too, by the way.

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This is very useful!

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Note: Coloring Tags requires you to have Preferences > General > Labels set to Dots or Modern.


Thanks for the info.

The color of tags is always used in tagging fields, Tags filter, the details of icon/column views or the “Tags” column of list views.

Do u mean “The default colour”?

My setting: Preferences > General > Labels set Modern.
I chose two different labels/colour for two tags.
Under Sidebar>Tags I can see that the two tags have difference colours, but I can’t see different colour in Sidebar>Tag filter, tag column, or under View>Show Tags.

Thanks again
Fig 1: “J.AMJ 4*-1-3” is label as purple (the 2nd tag)

Fig 2: The tag is showing the std colour in the tag row

Fig 3: The tag is showing the std colour in column

Fig 4: Tag filter

Screenshots of the sidebar (both of Global > Tags and of the tags filter) would be useful - thanks!

Related to this - if the colors aren’t synchronized anymore, is it possible to get more label options? Having, lets say, 10 labels, or even 15 if possible, would be amazing…or is there a custom metadata way to use color identifiers?

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No, there are no more than seven label colors available.
And currently there is no custom data type for color.

I have added the screenshots in my post. Perhaps I am not understanding what “tags can be coloured, too” correctly? I checked the help file (Getting Started>Tagging) but couldn’t find the related info, perhaps this function is too specific to be mentioned.

Choose a tag in the main view, then open the Info inspector or popover. It includes the possibility to choose a color. And this color is used in tagging fields, tags filter, icon/column view details, “Tags” column of “List” views and (depending on preferences) to colorize the icon of the tag in the main view.

Yes! I miss this! image
This is wonderful. Coloured tag + metadata solve all tagging limitations (at least for me) in 2.n! Now I can spot the more important tags instantly and reduce a huge number of tags. Thank DT’s efforts again.

A small suggestion is to mention this wonderful tag colouring option in the help file coz the “Color” option in inspector bar seems only available for tag and could be easily overlooked.

My apology for asking this question again. How to reset the colour of tags to DT’s default colour? I don’t seem to kind a way?

That’s not possible currently.

Thanks. It’s ok, I just need to create a new tag to replace the changed one in case I change my mind on the colour.

Thank you for reminding me about this. Bluefrog had mentioned colored labels in another post and I made a mental note to look into it after I had downloaded the beta, but had forgotten.

Colored labels are a very nice touch!

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