Labels not showing in DTTG


Issue relates to Labeled items showing on DT v3.8.7 Mac OSX, but not DTTG 3.6.1

Using DTTG, preferences/Sync/Locations - iCould (CloudKit) - “Labels and Colors” is Set to On.

Searching on “Label: NAME OF LABEL” - returns correct results ie, shows items that have a label with NAME

However in the left panel, with the ‘Labeled’ Labeled window showing and no filters are applied - there are no items showing.

Suggestions on how to show labeled items here would be appreciated

Best wishes

Welcome @LawrenceH

I have confirmed there is something going on with the Labeled smart group. I will file an issue on it. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thanks for that…much appreciated.

best wishes…L

I just noticed that the smart group labeled is working on the iphone, but ipad. Not sure if that is useful. Thanks again for looking in to this

Are both copies of DEVONthink To Go up-to-date on both devices?


Yes – they have been kept up to date


Is Synchronize label names & colors enabled in the sync setup in DEVONthink’s sync preferences?

Hi - yes, that box is ticked (image attached)

I would suggest cleaning the database in the sync location and resyncing.