Language in DEVONthink Server Webinterface

Hi there,

I am using DEVONthink Server and since the initial version 3 the language in the Webinterface is defaulted to english.
I would like to use the german version as default. I can switch it in the interface, but this is a bit tedious doing it every time I log into the Webinterface.
Is there any solution for this or do I oversee anything?

Best regards

It should remember the last used language, which browser are you using am I will re-test it here?

Unfortunately it does not remember it using Firefox, Chrome or Safari.
Additionally, when I try to log out of the interface from Firefox it does not log out the first time, but goes back to the main interface. On second try it logs out with Firefox.

I will take a look

Confrimed on Firefox 93.0.

Hi there,

the language is still defaulted to English every time I login. Any fix on the horizon?

I will have to check with development. Thanks for your patience and understanding.