Large File Smart Group

I’m trying to make a Smart Group that contains files over 2000KB. My variables are [All/Size/is greater than] and I type in 2000KB.

A couple of things:
-The box to type the size in is really small to type a number larger than 3 digits
-The end result looks like the group includes every file in my database regardless of size

  • A listing of the number of files included beside the Smart Group folder name (like other groups) would be handy.

-I know the editor is under construction but the option of selecting KB or MB when size is a variable would be a nice addition.

Is there something I’m missing to get a result in this case that fits my size variable?

Try deselecting/reselecting the Smart Group to tickle the item count into appearing (if it ever will; seems like certain criteria may inhibit it). It’s finicky and won’t always properly refresh, similar to the main window item count glitchiness. [edit: removed beta forum link]

Items counts are important to me so I hope problems with them will be fixed relatively quickly.

Still can’t get the item count to appear and still can’t control the Smart group itself. All files appear in the group even though I’m specifying only those over 2000KB.
Also I’m not “authorised” to view that link. :confused:

Maybe I was mistaken that SG’s that don’t contain groups will sometimes display items counts. Anyway, SG’s in general aren’t entirely reliable yet.

Sorry; thanks for catching that. I’ve removed the link.