Large iCloud Cloudkit sync size

I am syncing one single database on three macs & 2 on-demand iOS devices via iCloud CloudKit. There is no indexed files.

Recently, the DevonThink data on iCloud is occupying >70GB, while the actual database on my mac is just 50GB. This did not happened before.

I am wonder if this may be a sign of some kind of glitch, for which I may better clean the cloud location, or if it is just a usual behaviour probably due to versioning/ buffer of the iCloud system that I can just ignore it? Any best practice you would suggest to avoid having this big unknown extra size?

I have did a simple search and don’t seem to find a similar topic. All OS/ software versions are latest (Big Sur 11.5.2, iOS 14.7.1, DT 3.7.2). Thank you!

  • Had you stopped syncing other DEVONthink databases?
  • And did you switch from a Legacy sync to CloudKit?

I switched iCloud account about two or three months ago, so it is an entirely new CloudKit sync store, with no relations to DTTG2 or legacy sync. The new full upload of the database was done on one of my macs, then synced against other devices.

But that does not seems to be the cause, as I have just upgraded from 50GB to 200GB iCloud plan last month, and always syncing only one database.

So that extra 20GB can only be generated during this month (or else exceed previous iCloud cap), and I don’t think I have added 20GB of new files to the database during this month.

I do have some secondary databases on two of my macs, their total size smaller than 20GB and never synced, so seemingly unrelated. Thank you.

Can you clarify this?
You switched what - from Legacy to CloudKit?