Larger Icons/Thumbnails

I love creating thumbnails for all of my documents and using the “as Icons” view to scroll through those documents, but I find that I consistently have the slider in the 90%-100% range.

Any chance we’ll have the ability to make those thumbnails larger, maybe similar to how the Finder in Snow Leopard handles them?


When looking at thumbnails on an RTF, for example, if the file has only a few lines of text, the thumbnail looks like a large empty sheet of paper with tiny lines of text at the top. This really makes the thumbnail virtually useless.

It would be great to have the thumbnail “zoom-in” on the text so one could see the contents of the RTF file just by looking at the thumbnail. A good example would be how Evernote handles thumbnails.


I’d like to second that request. Plain text and rtf files should present readable text in the thumbnail. The first lines/words depending on the icon size.

But: While the Evernote approach looks nice it blows up your database. Evernote does not do this text view on the fly but creates special thumbnails in different sizes. So a 4 k text becomes about 150 kB data on you disk. My main database would increase by 260 MB and Bill has to buy a new sever rack for his database :wink:


I would also like to put in a request for this feature. The ability to view the actual text–at least part of it–of an RTF file in the thumbnail view might be very useful. I would like to be able to reorder my docs (RTF) in thumbnail view, similar to Keynotes Light Table view. I understand that the text might be small, so maybe if you hover your mouse over the thumbnail, a popup would appear showing the text in a more readable format.