Larger Toolbar UI elements and BIGGER search field

I appreciate that I can increase the text / sidebar text size in preferences. However, the small toolbar menu UI icons are an accessibility concern to me. I would like to be able to bump up the toolbar icon and/or toolbar text sizes. Same goes for the icons and fields at the top and bottom of the sidebars.

In addition, given importance of search, I’m struck (as a new user) by the small size and relative inconspicuous of the search field in the toolbar. That, in particular, I think would greatly benefit with options to make larger / more dominant.

I would love to see an option in a future iteration of DT to have the search field on the top of the toolbar above or below the other toolbar options on its own line, spanning a good portion of the width of the sized window so it is LARGE. It would be even more wonderful if one could customize the color (or choose a color from set options) of the search field so it appears dominant and easy to see in dark or light mode, given its centrality to DT.

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Your suggestions are noted. Thanks!

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I had a similar request for more prominent search bar in DTTG and absolutely share the view that search bar in DT it not given the prominence it should have received. Your idea of allowing it to stick to a separate line sound cool to me.

  • I would give it much more UI % by not only increasing the width but also e.g. size of the text which can be used within it similar to View Text and Sidebar. I would advocate for having a “Search Text Size”

In addition to that, just a couple of ideas:

  • as a “workaround” for myself I settled on the Alfred workflow which bring the search directly at the center of the screen, which i personally find more convenient
  • actually, DT has a nice search widget in the inspector which by some strange reason only can search for folders but not the content of them. By changing the behaviour of that search widget and making it appear e.g. in the middle of the screen and/or just making the search bar more accessible/bigger, one could have an awesome instrument to search within DT wherever one is on the Mac
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Yes, good stuff! Thanks for posting the Alfred workflow link. I’m a big Alfred user, and was trying out a DT workflow created by a different person that was limited in capability. I’m now using the one you shared created by Charles Ma and it’s now going to be my starting point.

Regarding the search field in the menu bar thing that they call a sorter, I like the idea to increase the search capabilities from there. I’m just learning how to use the sorter, and it seems like the intent here is only for capture and entry and the search field is just to find the database where you want to put something? But seems like a natural place to have full-fledged search, as a separate panel from ingest functions. Agree that it would be nice to invoke this in the middle of the screen or have it larger/centered by invoking a keyboard shortcut.

This also got me thinking how nice it would be for DT to add Mac OS and iOS/iPad OS widgets (in the Mac notification center, or iPad homescreen, e.g.), as well, for even more ways to get things in, to search, and to view recent docs, etc.

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That is essentially correct.