Feature request: reveal global search by pulling down gesture


This inspiration comes from the app Thing 3 that has a super helpful feature on iOS which allows to “pull down” on the list to reveal global search field. This allows super easy navigation via search from ultimately any place in the app.

Suggestion: in DTTG3 reveal a global search field by pulling down on any file open on the right side of the app. Search is at the heart what DT is doing (and why many of us love these products by DEVONtech) but navigating to it on DTTG3 requires at least 2 movements today (or even 3, if one is in a group, and need to return back to global search). Pull down would allow to land in global search in 1 movement.

Pull down on the left side of the app (main menu with databases and groups) seems to be taken by a “sync” functionality. Pull down on any open file on the right side, would allow to quickly reveal a search field, look something up and move to a new file. (Bonus: and if needed conveniently return back to initial file opened).


This is already implemented regarding the item list. A light swipe downwards on it shows the search field.

Development would have to assess the feasibility of allowing it over the view/edit pane.

This is already implemented regarding the item list.

No. My suggestion is for a different feature which is a “reveal global search by swiping down on the document” w/o the need to 0) swipe downwards on the left panel 1) swipe 2) manually position in the search 3) search

Instead: 0) swipe down AND position in the search 1) search

As you see, the user saves a lot of movements by that. Literally this can be down with one finger. It could offer a pre-selected list of “hot searches”/“recent searches” etc etc.