Latest versions and a request

Thanks to everyone at DEVON Technologies for this latest flow of DTP updates!

Despite a(nn admittedly quick) search on the forums, I could find no recent reference to the desirability of folders for Smart Groups and Smart Rules.

As a recent convert to DT (and now a happy addict), I’d find it really useful to be able to group these to aid finding by kind, and to reduce space taken up by the now many of each which I have.

Are there plans to introduce this in an upcoming version, please?


You have to fiddle around with the forum search terms a little but “rules folder” reveals a lot of requests. This short thread appears to be the latest.

Incidentally, this is something I’d love to see - when the developers have time!



Thanks Stephen, found it. Yes. No pressure on the hardworking developers. Totally happy with DT.