Folders for Favorites and Smart Rules

I know this has been discussed previously

Folders in the nav bar to allow for organizing Favorites and Smart Rules would be immensely helpful. DT3 is a victim of its success - with lots of use these two areas become hard to manage. Folders are a “low tech” feature which could be of really notable help in making DT3 that much more useful day to day.


I’ve got 53 smart rules sitting in my sidebar. This is completely subjective, of course, but for me that number is too large to be “tidy”; I have clustered similar rules within the list, but it remains untidy. Of course, most of the time those rules are hidden. But that’s just like that one draw you bung stuff into but know one day you’ll have to tidy up.

So +1 for folders for smart rules!


This gets a huge +1 from me. I am hesitant to use too many global Smart Folders and Smart Rules because I can’t take the clutter!

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great idea

There is too much clutter without folders.

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#1 issue by far I look for every time a new release comes out

DT3 is a victim of its success

Immensely needed

+1 for me too!

Also I wished tag colours would carry over to the sidebar.

+1 For Smart Rules in particular, this would add a lot of value