Launch Application(s) From DTP

I would like to know if, I can launch my Applications from DTP so that I may keep all of my files in DTP instead of having to import the document into DTP.

The other method which DT has created with the TAB allows me to “dump” my file there. But then, I forget to go back and clean-up that area of the files I’ve dumped there.

Not a big deal but, would help me.


DEVONthink is not a Finder replacement or an app-launcher. Dedicated apps are better for this. (I have reverted to just using Spotlight on this Mac.)

I’m not sure what TAB you’re referring to, or what needs to be “cleaned up”.

I’m still learning DTP and it is sooo cool!

So, I’m wondering about best practices using DT; the workflow process?

Currently, I’ve created my DT databases and, I add my document to the database after I’ve creating the document. This means, I’m using DTP for storage, archiving and retrieving.

My question went to initiating documents by launching templates from DTP which, in turn, launches the Application. In my mind, this allows me to initiate a document within DTP as well as save and retrieve.

Just a thought which I wanted feedback on.


Yes, you can save an empty Pages or Excel document to DEVONthink’s Global Inbox by saving it from the parent application to the Inbox location in the Finder.

Now, select e.g., the empty Excel sheet and choose File > Export > as Template. Now you have a template of an Excel sheet. It can be selected via Data > New from Template and placed anywhere within your database. Press Shift-Command-O to open it under Excel. Edit it by adding data, then press Save. The updated sheet will be in your database.


Will it work with any other formats?

Yes. with many applications, e.g., Word, Keynote, Powerpoint, Numbers, etc. you can create template files so that they are available to create new documents of that filetype directly within a database.