Launch URL vs "@" in Info Panel ?

I’m totally baffled by this one…

I have a bunch of web shortcuts saved in DT (made mostly via drag+drop from Chrome address bar). These mostly point to pages on an internal company web site.

On some (but not all) of these pages, when I click “Launch URL”, instead of going to the specific page, I get the home page for the company web site instead.

OK, that can happen. But here’s the odd bit. If, instead of clicking “Launch URL” I open the Info Panel, and then click the “@” button next to the URL, then I get the correct page. This is consistent for all the links; the “@” button always works but Launch URL works only for some pages.

So, is there any difference (intentional or not) between the “Launch URL” menu command and clicking the “@” button? If not, why I am I seeing different behavior?


Actually both items just tell macOS’ to open the URL, the result should be identical. How do these links look like?

They are just normal internal company web site URLs. Something like this: … fACAW/view

I realize it’s crazy, but this is 100% reproducible. Clicking on the “@” button in the Info always works, (literally used it 100+ times). Clicking “Launch URL” fails about 80% of the time (but not always, which I find interesting).


Do you use any third-party software that might change the system’s behaviour? E.g. PathFinder, Parallels etc.? Are you able to reproduce this using a second, clean user account?