Learning DA by example

As someone who is trying to learn the power of DA, I would like to see some examples of Power Searching Tips on this forum. The Power Tips could be built incrementally as users of the forum submitted their real search requests and the power users responded.

For example, I am looking for “good” ways to search for Phantom Stock Plans or Stock Appreciation Rights.

I’ve searched using both DA and Google. Both seem to produce a similar long list of sites that I then need to scan individually and I don’t immediately see how DA is better. I assume I am not searching properly or otherwise don’t understand how to use DA.

New DA users could scan the Learing DA by Example section of this forum and hopefully learn the product quickly.

The Searching Examples could be added to this forum or the WIKI that is currently under construction.

See the little tutorial that I posted 12 March 2005 in this thread: devon-technologies.com/phpBB … php?t=1091

Perhaps that can give you some ideas.