learning from GoogleNotebook

I would really like to see the archive of DA learn from Google Notebook. Here are a few things I would like to see:

  • If I archive something, it is the whole page. I would like to be able to highlight a portion of text, right click and have the option to add selection to archive.
  • The archive already puts a time-stamp on the item, there is no need to put them in files according to dates as well. Have one “inbox” file, and then user created folders (like Google’s notebooks). Even better would be having the option in the contextual menu to choose which notebook it is archived to.
  • A comments feature would be great.
  • We have a drawer, lets use it! Why not have the the archive accessible there? Have the folders, with the files underneath? Being able to see the archived items in the drawer, or at least being able to add notes would be very cool. Or clicking on the archived items could show you the item in a new tab - with the ability to add comments there. That way you chould always have your “archive tab” opened if you need it. With this type of drawer+tab archive, I could see people using it for a GTD-type system the way people use Google Notebook now.
  • An alternative to the drawer use, is simply making the archive window a tab instead. I hate having so many windows open, just put the archive in a tab.
  • The current archive only seems to be plain text - no pictures can be seen. If I have chosen to archive the whole page, it is because I want to see the whole page, pictures and all.

That’s all.