Legacy version of DEVONagent

I’m hoping you can help. The current version of DEVONagent says it’s compatible with Yosemite, but it’s not. The outer packet is, but when it’s opened, the app inside isn’t. Going back to the legacy page, you have the last version for Mavericks but not the last version for Yosemite. Could you make the real last version for Yosemite available please.

I’ve got an old bit of hardware running from an old MacBook, I’ve tried getting it to El Capitan working, which it would run with, but I just get kernel panics trying to install. While I don’t intend to do much internet, getting a browser to actually work seems a bit of a nightmare, for example DT website is broken using the Mavericks version of DEVONagent.

This is unfortunately a glitch of the website as El Capitan is actually required. We’ll fix this. But as the integrated browser is based on macOS’ WebKit framework, a newer version of DEVONagent wouldn’t make a difference on Yosemite.

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